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Discover the depth and breadth of authors who teach, work, and study at FIT!

FIT Authors is an initiative of the FIT Library to showcase the scholarship and creativity of the FIT community, as well as to promote our collections. Each semester, the Library collects submissions from authors within the FIT community (faculty, staff, and alumni) to create informative profiles. The Library features these authors and their works in a rotating display, and hosts an FIT Authors event several times a semester. On this site, you can find profiles of FIT authors, a showcasing of associated events, as well as a listing of all recently published books by FIT authors.


All members of the FIT community (faculty, staff, and alumni) are encouraged to take part in FIT Authors. If you are the author of a published work—any medium is welcome—please fill out the questionnaire below to be featured in a profile. In addition, please consider donating a copy of your book to the Library’s collection. Thanks for your interest!