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Portrait of Akiyo Matsuoka

Adjunct Faculty

Akiyo Matsuoka

  • School of Art and Design
  • Jewelry Design | Fashion Design

The Essential Guide to Digital Jewelry Design

Co-Author: Eva Tucek, Atsuo Nakajima

This book introduces the world of CAD Jewelry Design using Rhino, the most versatile 3D modeling program and Grasshopper plug-in which is integrated into the newest versions of Rhino.

With the help of Grasshopper algorithms, you can create modeling procedures easily, enable simulations, modify, iterate and find better results by manipulating parameters.

The book helps you better understand how to recreate your designs on the computer using the latest computational design techniques. Learn to build both simple and complex designs, and use the tips to extend your knowledge base for more advanced 3D Jewelry modeling.

Cover of The Essential Guide to Digital Jewelry Design

How did you first come up with the idea for this work?
We want to introduce this fabulous computational design tools to all the designers not limited to jewelry field.

What was your research process like?
3 designers, Rhino professional users got together and one of us presented our own design expertise.

How long did you work on this before it was published?
2 years.

Does this work relate to your role at FIT? If so, how?
I teach Rhino 3D CAD at FIT Course# JD138 Intro to CAD Modling for Designers and 237 Digital Object Design. Also at CCPS, I will start Intro to Rhino and Grasshopper - Generative Jewelry Design Certificate program, using this book as a text book.

What was your biggest challenge? What was most rewarding?
Challenge was getting together 3 people who live across the globe (NY, Paris and Tokyo). However, we could meet via Zoom and pandemic made us move forward.

Rewarding thing is to work with 2 fantastic designers who are expert in the field.

  • Professor at FIT since Fall 2012