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Portrait of Angela Rizza

Adjunct Instructor / Alumni

Angela Rizza

  • School of Art & Design
  • Illustration

Portrait Drawing For Kids

Broken down into simple, step-by-step instructions, this book will teach you every aspect of portraiture, from features of the face, to capturing emotions, to techniques like shading and highlighting. This drawing for kids book will help you take your artistic talents to the next level―beginning with a sharpened pencil.

Cover of Portrait Drawing For Kids

About Angela
My work is inspired greatly by the wildlife around my home and my favorite stories I read growing up. When working on children’s books, I create images that appeals to my inner child, drawings with lots of details, color, and quality that captures the attention of the viewer. My process is hand inking with brush and pen my line work then I apply my colors digitally. When I’m not freelancing I teach illustration at the Fashion Institute and I am apprenticing to become a tattoo artist at Little Wolf.

Is there other information we should know?
I actually have a few recent releases:

  • Time to publication: 3 months
  • Graduated from FIT with a BFA in Illustration in 2011
  • Started teaching at FIT in 2020