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Portrait of Margaret Bishop


Margaret Bishop

  • Jay & Patty Baker School of Business & Technology
  • Textile Development & Marketing Department

Textile Value Chain Marketing

Technology has put power in consumer’s hands, revolutionizing how they learn about and purchase products. Business today demands customer-first, value-driven marketing. This textbook examines apparel and home textile value chain marketing. Readers explore contemporary issues and technology to facilitate and safeguard marketing success. This book addresses design, production, and sourcing in marketing goods consumers want and can afford. With apparel and home textile industries spanning six continents, this textbook presents importing, compliance, and sustainability; it addresses big data, branding, and communications. From concept to consumer, this book gives the reader an understanding of marketing across the textile value chain.

Cover of Textile Value Chain Marketing

How did you come up with the idea?
I searched for an appropriate and current textbook for the course and could not find any that were adequate and up to date.

What was the hardest thing about publishing this book?
Remembering to write for a student audience that would be using the book to learn.

What are you proudest of?
This book is used as the textbook for TT202, Textile Value Chain Marketing, a course I wrote. It is also highly valuable to textile and apparel professionals wanting an in-depth understanding of the entire textile value chain, through apparel and home textiles.

  • Time to publication: 1 year
  • Professor at FIT since 2010
  • Teaches Textile Value Chain Marketing, Textile Converting & Costing