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Portrait of Michelle Lawton

Adjunct Professor

Michelle Lawton

  • School of Art and Design
  • Packaging Design

Moderating a Love Affair with Food

Moderating a Love Affair with Food: 10 Tips to Mindful Eating and Drinking is an easy-to-read and entertaining guidebook for the industry pro, the food- and wine-obsessed, “foodie,” home cook, or any eater who adores food and drink but is looking for a little help with moderating. The book offers ten tips for self-control based on a food pro’s personal experience eating and drinking at home, work, and in social settings. The book covers subjects of self-care, moderating alcohol, cooking mindfully, eating out in restaurants and navigating the many tempting social situations we find ourselves in, and the expectations that others can put on us. Throughout the book, Michelle shares funny anecdotes about everyday life and examples of ways to pay attention to our mood and surroundings. What’s different about this book? There are so many recipe books on the joy of cooking. And so many apps and programs on dieting or abstinence. This book is about loving yourself enough to enjoy everything in balance. Michelle draws on her experiences working in the food and wine industries, beginning as a corporate brand manager for super-premium Italian wines and Champagnes.

Cover of Moderating a Love Affair with Food

How did you first come up with the idea for this work?
Post covid, as a way to help other foodies who struggle with balance.

What was your research process like?
Researched consumers in my f&b practice for years, developed 15 tips, narrowed to 10, creative brief for each tip and book cover.

How long did you work on this before it was published?
2.5 years

Does this work relate to your role at FIT? If so, how?
Absolutely! design ideation and development.

What was your biggest challenge? What was most rewarding?
Challenge: Self publishing/Editing! Rewarding: coaching, team work.

Is there other information we should know?
See “some quotes from some experts”

  • Started teaching at FIT in 2023
  • Book published in October 2023